Thursday, October 11, 2012


Last Saturday I ran my first 5k. This has been on my bucket list of things to do since last year but as soon as I bought running shoes I managed to get pregnant again so there when that. But this summer I have been running inspired with every step by my flabby, post baby body.

At first Adam and I were going to get in shape and run it together but he dropped out (slacker!) and then a friend ran with me but her knee started to hurt so she stopped. Then another friend joined me but wasn't able to run the 5k with me, she was busy selling popcorn with her son for Boy scouts that Saturday. Clearly she has her prorieties in line. I however abandoned my girls to run free on the open road. Sounds glorious doesn't it? Well rest assured it was not. The race started at 7:30 am so I had to get up at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am to make it there in time. When I arrived at 6:55 not many people were there...and when 7:20 rolled around and still few people had showed up I started asking questions. Only to find out that I am a not the fastest mind on the track and the race didn't start until 10:00 am! It was the event that started at

Almost three hours later I was hungry, cold and had managed to terrorize some lady by opening the door of a port-a potty while she was using it (why didn't she lock it!?!?). At that point most of the excitement had turned into boredom and I could not longer count on adrenaline carrying me that last mile.
Finally 10:00 am rolled around and we gathered at the starting line. I positioned myself in the back and far away from the Port-a potty lady, figured that would be less awkward for both of us.

Then the buzzer sounded and the race was off! I settled into my slow jog and actually passed a few people! Who knew people actually jogged slower than me? About thirty seconds in I had the overwhelming urge to walk. Sad, huh? But I just kept going and ended up right behind a man pushing a stroller (yes that is correct, I can barely keep up with someone who is pushing a 3 year old kid) and two 8 year old kids who were also running the race. At first I really enjoyed being around the kids because they were having fun talking and being silly and frankly it's just cute that they are so young and running a 5k. But around mile two it got annoying. I some how turned into a "measure" of how well they were doing. They would sprint ahead and I would fall behind and then they would walk so I would catch up and pass them. As soon as I would pass them they would sprint ahead again. It was like driving on the highway with someone who won't go a consistent speed, it starts to drive you crazy and I couldn't shake them. What irritated me even more was how they were not even breathing hard. This was FUN to them, EASY even and here I was trying to convince myself mentally to keep on running. They quickly changed from "oh, what cute kids" to "those stinkin' kids!" and I was determined to beat them.

Yes, that's right, somewhere during mile two I became a insane person and projected my annoyance with running and being awake since 5:30 onto these two kids. As we neared the finish line I was ahead of them and thought I had it in the bag, I would cream them for sure! But then people had to start cheering those little  kids on, yelling to them; "Turn on the jets!" "Almost there!" "Go for it!". And that's when I heard their little feet coming up behind me, so I turned on my jets and started to sprint for the finish line. The race was on!!
I then realized two things...that I must look like a crazy lady trying to beat two eight year old's to the finish line and more importantly that I couldn't beat them even if I tried. So I decided to do the only respectable thing left. I slowed back down and gave my best "oh what cute kids" smile as they passed me and crossed the finish line six seconds ahead of me.

I ended up running my first 5k in 32 minutes and 6 seconds, I feel like that is a respectable first time. Next time (if there is a next time) I will be in better shape so I can beat pesky children who want to steal my glory.


  1. Great job running a 5k!! I so wish I was there to cheer you on. I am so proud of you! Sun funny about wanting to run faster than those kids. I totally didnt know you started blogging again. Please dont stop. I want to hear more about you trying to schedule out the day to keep stuff organized in your life. That would be one thing I am very grateful for living here...househelp! How genius. That is the one way my house stays clean ;)Love you so so much!

  2. I'd run with you! I miss you soooooooooooo much!