Monday, October 8, 2012

What are you cheating?

I'm not sure what happened but somehow having a fourth child has maxed me out. I used to go into other peoples homes (or cars) that had kids and think "good heavens, ever heard of a vacuum!?" Now I walk into my own home and wonder the same thing. Why are there always toys every where? Why is there always a pile of laundry to be folded? Crumbs on the counter? Bathrooms that need cleaning? Who's running this place?! And I'm embarrassed to say it's me and I can no longer "do it all". My dear little Maddie slowed me down and now that I'm homeschooling Ashlyn...well not a lot gets done before noon. 

My husband heard this sermon talking about how there is just not enough time in the day to do everything we want and need to do. Loving our kids well, our husband, spending time with God, cleaning the house, cooking, taking walks in the crunchy fall leaves, etc. So we have to "cheat" something, so this week I've been looking around seeing what I'm "cheating". And frankly I feel like I'm cheating everything! God, kids, husband, house! In fact I should be making lasagna for supper but instead I'm writing this so I even cheat cooking! 
When I first had kids I used to wish for a "kid free" day to catch up on life. Now I feel like there's no point because I would need a kid free month. Part of me wants to embrace the mess and just admit to the world I cannot do it all...but the other part of me wants to conquer! So here's my plan...(until I get tired of it, give up and live the rest of my days in squallier) I shall make a calendar with a cleaning schedule and one thing to focus on everyday. Like "clean the bathroom and remember to love your hubby". I feel like that will break it down into more bite sized pieces. I am not be able to do it all in a day...but maybe in a week!
Now I must make that lasagna! 

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  1. I'm finding four kids to be a lot of work as well - and I'm not homeschooling! Although, four school runs every day eats up a lot of time...

    I do find that making lists of what I want to get done helps. And I'm working on purging my house of unnecessary items that I have to take care of!