Friday, January 11, 2013

Patch it up!

One of the many upsides to have four adorable girls is clothes can be passed down and reused. I usually just buy for our oldest every season and anything little that is lacking for the rest of them. However jeans have been my biggest struggle to keep since they wear out in the knees and always end up with holes in them. But today my friends I have over come this problem! I'm not sure if my idea is genius or...dumb...could go either way. Or maybe people do this and I just don't know about it.
Anyway last week Ashlyn's jeans ripped a hole in the knee and now her favorite pants don't look so nice. So what did I do?? Well I stole one of Maddie's shirts that is getting to small cut it up and patched her jeans with it. It's really cute and she loves it! That's not the genius part people have obviously been doing that for years.
Here's where I got a bright idea. I saw her other pant leg was about it get a hole in it too, the fabric was worn very thin. So I took one of those handy iron on patches you can buy and ironed it on the knee's. Then I took Sydnie's jeans and did the same. So now the knees of their pants are reinforced and hopefully will last a  lot longer! Genius?  I like to think so.

Pretty pink patch!
Clearly I will not be doing this when they are 16...but for now they don't care about an ugly patch on the inside of their jeans!


  1. That is genius, Rachel! Abbey told me about your blog and I just joined. I have a blog too, and added you to my blogroll: :)

    -Abbey's sis-in-law, Meaghan

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    Hope you had a great Easter!

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